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Mélody Donchet was born on the 1st June 1990 in Montreuil sur Mer, France. She started to play football with the boys at a very young age in Etaples, her city or origin. When she was 15 she joined a female football team always in Montreuil sur Mer and then moved to play in DH à Saint- Léonard.

In 2006 she was part of the 16 best female football players in the Nord region participating also in her first National Cup arriving to the finals.

Her dream was to become a professional football player but unfortunately, in 2008 she suffered a severe injury in her knee. After her recovery she was advised by doctors she could not continue to play.

In January 2009 she discovered freestyle football thanks to a commercial in TV. She then started to try trick in her garden. Soon she became very good and discovered her new passion that then became her profession. She now travels the world doing shows and workshops.

• Languages: French. • Nationality: French.

• 2014 Red Bull Street Style World Champion. • 2013 SuperBall Champion, RedBull Street Style World

Championship 2nd Runner up.

•2012 RedBull Street Style World Championship Vice Champion.

• 2011 World Championship 1st Runner up. Vice World Champion Duo Category.

• Performances and Workshops: Adidas, AFFA, Belgacom, Coca-Cola, FIFA, Nike, Nikon, Nissan, Play Station, Red Bull, Samsung, Sony, Strongbow

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