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A seminar about Brazil

In a seminar of approximately 4 hours, you will have the opportunity to get to know more about this magnificent and diverse country.

We'll provide you with updated information about a wide range of subjects, which may be relevant for investors, researchers, students, or even if you are someone who just wants to move into the country and would like to gather some useful information, this is your chance to get a picture of the nation’s habits and culture, before launching yourself on an adventure to Brazil!

Our "journey" starts; with talks about the geography of the country (as there are remarkable differences from one state in to another in Brazil), its history and culture.

After an hour and a half, you will have the choice of watching some demonstration of Brazilian culture, such as Capoeira, Samba, etc… Or any other artist available on our website. All you need to do, is to choose your favourite show at the moment of your booking registration. Our list, has a wide variety of artists from all over South America.

After the exciting end of part one of the seminar, we’ll have a 20 minute-break for refreshments.


The last part of the seminar is about the present situation of Brazil, its social and economic challenges, followed by, a general view of the economy, market and consumer behaviour.

We'll end our talks with a beautiful demonstration of Samba dancing, to cheer everybody up!

Welcome to this “South American Giant"!

Talks will include:

  • Each state's culture and its inhabitants (the many cultural differences among states in Brazil )

  • Population

  • Ethnic groups

  • Immigration

  • Religion

  • Political System

  • Health System, Security (violence), Education, Employment and Society.

  • Facts about Brazil

  • Sports (World Cup 2014 and Olympics 2016)

  • Social statistics

  • Housing

  • Life style (unique Brazilian habits)

  • Weather – Climatic differences over large areas such as Amazon, Caatinga and the South.

Relationchip between Brazil and neighbouring countries...

  • Natural resources and wealth, such as: Oil, Bio-fuel, Iron and Water sources.

  • Amazonia – Current situation on the deforestation

  • Present siuation of the country and its challeges on areas such as: Economy, Technology and Science.

  • Banking System

  • Import and Exports

  • Cost of living

  • Fashion Industry

  • Economic Boom… (general view of the domestic market and consumer behavior)

  • We are also available for Schools, Universities e Colleges.

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