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Dynamic, high energy and totally unique percussion workshops guaranteed to make your event truly special. Led by Ollie Tunmer (former cast member of the international hit show STOMP), these workshops will develop group communication and promote leadership skills with any group size from 10 – 1000. Energise your event with a fully interactive ice-breaker or achieve longer-term goals with half day, or full day sessions. Each workshop is tailored entirely to suit your requirements. Choose from one or a combination of the following:

STOMP-style Body Percussion

African Drumming

Brazilian Samba Drumming

Junk Percussion

Join the roster of companies and charities who have benefited from Ollie’s workshops in the past including Lucozade, NHS, GlaxoSmithKline, Samsung, Cancer Research UK, Save The Children, South African Airways, Barclaycard, Ernst & Young, EE & Saab.

STOMP-style Body Percussion -

Stamping, clapping and everything in-between – this dynamic, high-energy session turns a group into a massed Body Percussion Orchestra. There is no set-up up time required for this session and no maximum number of participants! This session is highly interactive, totally unique and great fun!

African Drumming

Become part of a massed drumming ensemble – Ollie will transform any group into a tight musical unit in minutes. You will learn the basic technique of the African ‘djembe’ and a number of rhythms, breaks and calls. Loud, high energy and great for developing communication and team building, this session will leave all participants buzzing!

Brazilian Samba Drumming

Bringing rhythms from the streets of Rio, Ollie will turn any group into a massed Brazilian ‘bateria’! Participants will learn traditional Brazilian rhythms alongside more contemporary grooves such as hip-hop and drum’n’bass! This session will unite and energise participants and leave them tapping for days!

Junk Percussion

Bins and boxes, bottles and cans – create rhythms from anything you can find! Ollie will take you on a journey of discovery, turning the most mundane objects into amazing sounding instruments. Ollie will then turn participants into a honed junk percussion ensemble. Perfect for any eco-themed event this is funky music for forward thinking people!


STOMP-style Body Percussion

This workshop introduces the use of the body as a percussive instrument. By incorporating games and exercises in a fun, very accessible way participants are given tools to learn rhythms and then produce their own ideas. The workshop involves working in whole class, small group and solo contexts to develop communication, social and leadership skills, as well as musical ability.

Brazilian Samba Drumming

Participants will learn a combination of traditional and modern rhythms, as well as gaining an insight into Brazilian culture. They will be encouraged to learn from each other, which will again develop communication, social and leadership skills in a musical context. Both of these workshops are adaptable to suit to any level of prior musical experience.

Workshops for specialist music students and music teaching staff

These workshops are suitable for those studying music beyond compulsory age (e.g. GCSE or BTEC in the UK), and offer a more in-depth approach to Body Percussion and Samba Drumming. Participants are encouraged to compose solos, and develop specific leadership skills. I have also incorporated students teaching music staff, which was great fun and hugely beneficial to all involved.

Workshops for non-music staff

Either as a specific area of professional development or as a more relaxed, fun session this workshop can bond teaching communities in ways that doesn’t typically happen in day-to-day school life. This is suitable for all, regardless of prior musical experience.

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