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Ben Volpierre-Pierrot - UK

Ben Volpierre-Pierrot - UK

Ben Volpierre-Pierrot was the lead singer of Curiosity Killed The Cat, a band that had a number of Top 40 singles in the UK together with a No. 1 Album, KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.

The band played soulful, jazzy and funky pop music and was initially signed to Phonogram Records' Mercury imprint. They first came to the notice of the UK music press when they worked with Andy Warhol for the video of their 1986 single "Misfit". This featured the band in New York and at one point featured Ben dancing down a side street whilst Andy Warhol referenced Bob Dylan's 1965 long-form promotional film for "Subterranean Homesick Blues" by dropping pieces of white card in time to the music (the Dylan film clip and its concepts have since been popularly imitated by a number of other artists, including INXS in their video for "Mediate" in 1988).

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