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Hire Circus Performers

Jack in a Box - London (available worldwide)

Jack In A Box has a depth of experience in programming, supplying and managing a wide range of performers such as Stilt Walkers, Balloon Modeller, Fire Artists, Jugglers, Living Statues, Human Globes and Puppets to ensure your event meets your aims and exceeds expectations. 


Whether you require a specific skill or would like advice on the best options for your event, we are able to develop and fulfil your brief.


Our performers are dedicated professionals who aim to provide an excellent experience whether your event is big or small.


Jack In A Box are suppliers of world class circus entertainment for family, corporate or themed events.




Hugo Maciel - London

A circus performer who performs original acts showcasing great skill, humour and emotive depth for the general public. Hugo is an expert in the following disciplines:


  • Juggling

  • Clowning

  • Acrobatic tumbling

  • Aerials (cord lisse, rope, Chinese pole, static trapeze)

  • Acro balance

  • Contortionism

  • Object manipulation

  • Tight or slack-rope walking

  • Flying trapeze



Adam Scott - Leicester

Circus Props include:

Hula Hoops - Poi + Staves - Spinning plates - Juggling Balls, Scarves and Rings - Juggling Hats - Contact Juggling - Diablos - Flower Sticks - Rolla Bola - Peg stilts and Cup stilts - Balancing Feathers

The Acro-Jugglers

 'The Royal Jesters',
 'The Greatest Showman' 
 'Gentle Men Jugglers'

Stage acts,
Duo Knife juggling
Duo acrobatic Juggling
Solo acrobatic ball Juggling
Solo unicycle

Street shows.
The Royal Jesters street show
The Greatest Street show
'Solo' The Amazing Cyril Giant

Unicycle show'

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