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North America artists
North America acts
Duo Trapeze - Guillaume & Marie - Canada
Circus acts
Circus artists

With Guillaume an experienced catcher for many years & Marie a newly graduated trapeze duo flyer from "École de Cirque de Québec", the two have created together an acrobatic and esthetic new act!

Shenea Acrobat - USA
USA circus
Circus acrobatics

Presenting Shenea Booth (Cirque Du Soleil Specialty Act & Two-time World Champion in Acrobatic Gymnastics) offers a sensually infused dynamic solo cane performance that combines agility and strength all intertwined with beautifully innovative choreography and a rich musical background.



She currently performs worldwide as a specialty act with Cirque Du Soleil Special Events and has appeared in The Palazzo Amsterdam, The Wintergarten Funky Town, Stardust Productions at the Carre with Hans Klock, Beat the Best(Dutch), Germany's Got Talent, America's Got Talent, So You Think You Can Dance, and Dancing with the Stars.

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