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Musicians For Hire For School Workshops

Periodically, primary and secondary schools will hold enriching workshops for children. The purpose of the workshop is to expose young children to various cultures, music, dancing, and entertainment from around the world. Geared toward enlightenment and education, these workshops are aimed toward educating children, while providing some much-needed entertainment in the middle of the day. Red Panda Agency Entertainment is happy to provide musicians for hire that can come to local schools to educate and entertain the children. We offer a range of musicians for hire including percussion musicians, African drumming, Brazilian percussion, or a human beatbox. We want to expose children to a variety of cultures and music, so they can explore and learn more about the world around them.

We also have djs for hire that can help provide enriching lessons to school children. Our djs for hire can be used for any school event, and can help further garnish an appreciation for a wide range of cultures. Red Panda Agency Entertainment is happy to travel to schools within the local area to share our talent, culture, and entertainment with school children. We have over 50 different available workshops to present to children, with more than 200 artists across the UK. Red Panda Agency Entertainment has a wide network of entertainers that are happy to perform at your child's school. Whether you are from Oxford, Kent, London, or Glasgow, we have an entertainment group just waiting to perform for schools.

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