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European acts

Moz Drums - France
LED drummers
LED drummers
LED drummers

The Moz Drums gives you an unbelievable stage act with powerful sound, light and smoke effects but also some pyrotechnics on demand ! An original stage performance for indoor or outdoor event who combines choregraphies, comedy and wow effects for an amazing moment !

Russian Percussion - Russia
Russian percussion
Russian percussion
Russian percussion

The ensemble brass instruments in Band style.
Band consist of: 2 bass 2 trombone, 3 trumpet, 1 sax.alt (it's a girl) and drummers - 2 (boys) . Large repertoire in the desired style. 

LED Dancers, Fire Juggling and Acrobats - Ukraine
LED dancers
Fire dancers
LED acrobatics

Theatre of fire Mahatma» create fire and neon show and performances that have no analogues. Viewers appreciate our entertainment, emotion, and sincerity of the performances.


Mahatma  task is enchanting holiday. Viewers will get a “wow effect” performance and vivid memories of the evening. The show clearly worked out — consider the size of the grounds, lighting and other conditions for the show. Apply precautions in case of rain.


Performances — the opening of the Olympic national sports complex for Euro 2012, city and state events, work in other countries. Also performs at weddings, anniversaries, corporate events and business events. They successfully perform shows at public festivals and private events in Ukraine, UAE, Asia and Europe.

Acroart Duo - Poland
Aerial silks
Aerial silks poland
Aerial silks poland

DUO Cyr Wheel and hand to hand available to worldwide performances

  Magician George Diamond - Serbia

George Diamond - illusionist, magician, as well as quickchange artist and Chinese mask change artist. He perform his shows either as a duo or trio (with one or two assistants), or solo (a one-man show). 

In our vast international career, George have been performing on cruise ships, variety theaters, production shows, cabaret, circus, theme parks, as well as in many international festivals and corporate events.

Our shows and specialty acts have been designed and structured so as to deliver an unforgettable magical entertainment, by the highest standards of the entertainment industry.




Acrobatic Wheel Sensation - Netherlands

Acrobatic Wheel Sensation

Last 6 years Boy and Laura performed individually mostly solo shows for galas and special projects. In 2011 the world championship brought them together. Winning both gold medals was a great starting signal for a common professional artist career. It is a perfect match, combining their backgrounds in German wheel, Cyr wheel, aerial arts and acrobatics to create spectacular show acts.

Within the last year the duo performed for gala-shows, theatre productions, varieté shows, corporate and private events, festivals and TV shows.
Besides performing and competing internationally, they give (private) lessons and workshops, coach in sports clubs and choreograph acts.



8 times World Champion

20 times National Champion



German Wheel

Cyr Wheel

Aerial Performances



Phil Keller Magician - France

Phil KELLER began magic at the age of thirteen and attended classes at the Academy of Magic Olympia in Paris.

Like all magicians, he learnt the basics of manipulating cards, coins and balls but he soon found his true talent on stage, specializing in grand illusions.

He has spent over 20 years travelling around the world (Japan, USA, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Germany, China, Slovenia, Egypt, Italy), including several years on the most prestigious American cruise ships.


His grand illusion show has been performed in theatres, hotels, cabarets and casinos around the world, including two years at the Paradis Latin in Paris, France.


As a consultant, Phil worked with Disneyland Paris for the magical effects for the shows, including the flying of Aladdin's magic carpet, magic movements of the Little Mermaid and Mary Poppins flying. He worked on the interactive parade and in honour of Roy Disney, he made appear the statue of Mickey on the occasion of the parks the fifth anniversary.

Phil KELLER was presented the Mandrake d'Or in October 2002 for his career in magic. This is an equivalent to an Oscar or a Caesar film award and is presented annually to selected magicians worldwide.

David COPPERFIELD, SIEGFRIED and ROY also received this award in 2000 and 2001.

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