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Vospertron Neon are a professional dance troupe who specialize in live technological performances.  To create spectacular shows they use interactive projections and glowing costumes to transport viewers into a fantastical world. Every show Vospertron create is customized for its purpose, whether it's a new car launch or an interactive audience performance. Vospertron goal is to bring a sense of style to LED dance activations with elegant costumes, immersive graphics, and music. ​

Sino-Art - China

The performance are mainly acrobatic acts, supplemented by distinctive stories of the Chinese characteristics of the scene, beautiful light effect, music, traditional culture style, including a combination of minority, Buddhist and ancient Chinese culture. Showing the different styles of Chinese traditional culture.

List of acts

• 《Blue and white porcelain》-Shoulders ballet • 《Soul of legend 》-Rings skill

• 《Taste of Sichuan 》-Sichuan Opera Face
• 《Legendary story of Chang'e》-Silk skill
• 《Miao's happiness 》-Balancing and bowl skill • 《Guan Yin 》-Rolling Lanterns
• 《Sun-god bird 》-Handstand skill
• 《Wealth & auspicious》-Spinning plates 

《Blue and white porcelain》 -Shoulders ballet

The creation of Shoulder ballet in taking the Chinese porcelain culture: "blue and white" thinking, show ing acrobatics difficulty, elegant ballet works of art. 

Ring skill is one of the traditional acrobatics, concentrated expression of the artist's agility and smooth, with tacit understanding; supplemented by ancient Chinese style, reflecting the Chinese Wuhun passion, glory.



《Taste of Sichuan 》 -Sichuan Opera Face

Sichuan opera is one of the Chinese quintessence dramas, it is the essence of Sichuan opera. The mysteries to Chinese and foreign audience greatly surprised. As China's "intangible cultural heritage" widely praised by the world.



《Miao's happiness 》 -Balancing and bowl skill

In a humorous interpretation of the scene, combined with the Chinese minority festive atmosphere of joy, so that the audience to participate in interactive, acrobatics and feel the fun of the stage.



《Guan Yin 》 -Rolling Lanterns

Rolling lights comes from folk performance, popular in southeast of China,supplemented with one of most famous legend story gives the show a bit of mysterious .



《Sun-god bird 》 -Handstand skill


Bollywood group - India (Mumbai)

Best Bollywood Dance production
Beats Bollywood is a spectacular 90 min production which brings to life the glitz and glamour of Bollywood song and dance. Presented in three distinctly defined segments this 20 member production (16 dancers, 4 crew) can also be formatted to shorter duration of 30, 45 and 60 min.

They are keen to extend the tour and to explore the possibility of collaborating with your company. They would like to understand if your interest lies in Beats of Bollywood 

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