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Bob Marley's Tribute Band - London

One Love Orchestra is a Bob Marley's tribute band and backing band for reggae artists.


Bob Marley was one of the most prolific entertainers of the century. He took the sound of reggae, out of the cultural confines of the Caribbean island of Jamaica and made it into a mainstream, global sensation. 

There have been many artists and bands that have been inspired by the musical brilliance of Bob Marley and One Love Orchestra is the best band doing it in the UK right now. Based in London, One Love Orchestra is a multi-instrumental tribute band, specializing in covering music from the legendary Bob Marley and the Wailers.


Founded in 2010, the band have rapidly made a name for them selves and grown to be not just a band that does Bob Marley tributes but one that works with various reggae artists performing live throughout Europe and the UK. The band was founded by Marcin Bobkowski who is also the musical director and lead guitarist.


In addition to Marcin, there are ten other band members: Tanni Browne - vocals, Anders Grys - keyboard, Roberto Vianello - keyboard, Gabi Dan -drums, Errol Dunn - bass, Nana Genesis - backing vocals, Mitsy June - backing vocals, Audrey Litchmore - backing vocals, Gabriele Pribetti - sax and David Fullwood - trumpet. 


The One Love Orchestra is a band with a look that showcases diversity and a sound that echoes unifying cultures. Their music creates an atmosphere that evokes an electric yet spiritual vibe that propels the listener to dance. They pride themselves on being able to move their audience on both a physical and emotional level with every performance, and they’re guaranteed to bring an exciting, energetic and inspiring experience to any event stage.


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