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Biography- Artist Name: Daz

Born and raised in East London, he‘s mainly recognised for his dynamic and explosive move set. He started dancing at the age of 13 through seeing a performance from he’s secondary school friends. Dancing has been able to bring opportunities to be able to have amazing experiences, travelling to compete at prestigious events and connect with many different artists around the world. It has also been able open the window for him to work with many internationally known brands, artists and companies. 


Notable Battle Credits:

Red Bull BC One UK Cypher London, UK 2019

Break Mission crews Birmingham, UK 2018 & 2019 

Ultimate Breaking League Champion London, UK 2018 

West Side battle Champion La Rochelle, France 3 v 3 2018

Enter the circle Finalist Hamburg, Germany 3 v 3 2017  

The Notorious IBE Heerlen, Holland 2017

Hotstepper Champion 2016

UK B-Boy Championship crews London, UK 2016 & 2017

Shows/Commercial  Credits:

Spotify HQ Audio factory 2020

‘Kind of Blue’ Fashion film 2020

Swatch OXST Campaign 2019

Oppo Reno 2 Campaign Launch 2019

Christian Louboutin “Run Loubi Run” Campaign 2019

Stormzy x Adidas #Merky brand Campaign Launch 2018 

Apple Music UK advert 2017

3 Mobile x T3 Awards 2017

Box soho 2016 - Present 

Hire Breakdancers London.jpeg

Breaking Name: Shahi

 A young inspired dancer based in North-west London. Chiseling at his craft for almost a decade and very grateful for the experiences and journeys he been fortunate to have been on. He's been participating in various competitions all around the world from a young age and is driven to push the level. His  style involves a high paced, dynamic, ferocious movement that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Notable Battle Credits:

 Legits blast Solo Prague, Czech Republic 2020

Break mission Main Stage Birmingham, UK 2020 & 2019

Rain Jam 2v2 Champions London, UK 2019 

Red Bull BC One UK Cypher London, UK 2015


Shows/Commercial Work: 

Spotify HQ Promotional Show 2020

JD Sports 'Come Alive' Advert 2019

Oppo Reno 2 Campaign Launch Show 2019

Prodance Agency X3 2019

Breakdancers hire.jpg

Breaking Name: Infante​

A young London based Dancer in the style of Breaking who holds 10 years of experience. His arsenal consist of wide range of dynamic and aerial movement really emphasising his strength. As a dancer rooting from the competitive circuit, he has competed on both national and international stages as well as competing in some of the most prestigious competitions internationally. 

One of UKs rising stars earning himself various titles and pushing the UKs standards of Bboying. 

Not only does he compete but also has experience in commercial work, Martial Arts and coaching. He continues to pursue his goal to be one of the worlds inspirational Bboys.


Notable battle credits: 


  •  Red Bull BC One U.K. Cypher 2020&2019

  • UK Bboy Championships World Finals Crews London, UK 2016-2019

  • Rain Jam 2v2 Champion London, UK 2019&2017

  • British Breaking League Open 2v2 Champion Birmingham, UK 2019

  • Full Circle 2v2 Champion Porth, Wales 2019

  • Urban Film Festival Guest Battler Paris, France 2019

  • Lets Jam Cypher King Award 2019

  • Out Break Europe Solo Banska Bystrica, Slovakia 2018 

  • KOD World Finals Changsha, China 2018

  • JBL Unbreakable Crew battle Champions Antwerp, Belgium 2018

  • BeachSideBattle Champion Brighton, UK 2018 

  • Boilded Heads Exhibition Champion London, UK 2017

  • Haz Break Champion Hazbrouck, France 2017

  • Floorwars World Finalist 2017&18

  • GSB Anniversary Battle Osaka, Japan 2017

  • MB Crew Anniversary Seoul, South Korea 2017

  • Dope & Mean Solo Champion Sheffield, UK 2017

  • GHGH Breaking Solo Champion Nottingham, UK 2017


Shows/commercial works:

  • Kappa "#KeepPerforming" Campaign 2021

  • JD Sports Adidas campaign 2020

  • Majestic ft Kelsey - Me & U Music Video 2020

  • ENO Live n Drive - La Boheme 2020

  • "Kind of Blue" SHOWStudios 2020

  • BBC Proms “ The breaks” 2019

  • Footasylum x Adidas “Home of the Classics” 2019

  • Christian Louboutin “Run Loubi Run” 2019

  • Stormzy x Adidas “#Merky” brand Launch campaign 2018

  • Puma x Redbull BC One World Finals Tracksuit Launch

  • Amsterdam, Holland 2017

  • YouTube Brand Cast 2017

  • Apple Music UK BRIT Awards Advert 2017

Breakdance London.jpg

Breaking Name: Chris

One of the UK's top breakers. Chris has consistently been working as a professional dancer/choreographer for over a decade. Competing at international events through to choreographing tours and tv shows.

Trained at Bird College, Chris is a versatile & experienced professional dancer who has a keen eye for detail and high quality skills. With his niche being flips & tricks he is also able to pick up different dance styles with ease. 


​Notable battle credits: 

•Red Bull BC One UK Cypher London, UK 2020 

•Rain Crew Jam London, UK 2019

•Prototype - The Dance World Champions Zurich, Switzerland 2017

•BBoy UK Championships World Finalist, Crew Battle 2016

Shows/commercial works:

• X Factor Italy whole season Choreographer/dancer 

•Nike Sacai Fashion Launch Dancer - Choreographer Ryan Heffington

•Years and years arena tour 2018 Choreographer/dancer

•Adidas Fashion Launch Dancer - Choreographer Ivan Blackstock, Holland

•Breaking Convention Dancer, USA tour

•Rita ora live Performance

Comic relief 

•Twigs MIF Performance - Choreographer Aaron Sillis

•The Greatest Showman opening live show in Barcelona, Tricker

•Commonwealth Games, Kylie Minogue Dancer - Choreographer Ashley Wallen

•Featured Dancer/Actor, Arial Commercial

Book Breakdancers for Events.jpg

Yak crew - London

Break Dance Crowd entertainment and teaching skills. Specific abilities include although are not limited to: Windmills, Turtles, Hollow Back & personal style of side hollows, Thread Throughs, CC, Six Step, Uprock - all styles, Flipping, pop and African dance

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