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Dean Yhnell a.k.a. Beat Technique Dean is a talented entertainer, teacher, beatboxer, rapper, DJ, producer and songwriter.

After making the leap into professional beatboxing in 2010 Dean’s career and repertoire have blossomed. He has forged a unique performance style and stage presence, which were built on the stages and events of Glastonbury, the O2, Royal Ascot and Silverstone to name a few. Dean has become heavily involved in the beatbox battle scene, competing in the UK championships in 2014 before participating in the first ever Welsh Beatbox Championships in 2015 where he lost narrowly to the eventual winner in the semi-final stages. Dean now spends the majority of his time teaching young people in schools and youth organisations the art of beatbox, rap, dj-ing and music production, improving their communication, literacy and confidence levels through his teaching style. He has achieved much success with disaffected young people who find school a challenge, enabling them to improve attendance, behaviour and motivation in all areas of the curriculum.


breakin out“I have known Mr Yhnell for Five years and have performed shows, Demonstrations and coaching with him on numerous occasions. I find Dean to be very reliable and hard working, he performs to a very high standard and will go above and beyond to assist and accommodate the needs of the show and the audiences. He is very professional and polite and his Beat boxing and master of ceremonies skills are amazing. He can adapt to all situations that may arise in a show and has a fantastic connection with young people as well as older audiences. He coaches groups and individuals to a very high standard and always has time to talk, assist and generate excitement among his audiences. Dean’s time keeping and work ethic are excellent and he always conducts himself to a very high standard. I personally find him a joy to work with and an extremely friendly enthusiastic and likeable person.”

Mario Carelse – (BMX Flatland performer/trainer)

“I have contracted Beat Technique to deliver workshops in a variety of settings over the last few years. Dean works well with young people on a one to one and group setting. His talent always amazes me and the participants. Dean is very punctual, reliable and a pleasure to work with. He is clear and concise in the delivery of his work and engages the young people well. Dean is very professional and delivers his work to a high standard. Projects Dean has worked on in partnership with Torfaen County Borough Council and Monmouthshire Council include: Library week: Dean worked alongside Urban Media Academy to engage young people through the medium of music teaching new skills in the art of Beatbox. He successfully engaged with over 20 young people throughout the day. Breakin Out Festival: A young people’s festival engaging over 1000 young people. This event is organised and run by young people. Dean has been an integral part of this event since the pilot was launched in 2012. At the festival he engages with the crowd and inspires with his talent. I would highly recommend Dean for any future workshops”

Jay Ryan (Arts Development for Torfaen County Borough Council 2002 – 2013) – Social Programmes Manager – Randomz Ltd

“Working with Dean was not only an amazing experience and pleasure, it was also some of the most inspirational training for the young people that attended and completed the course. Not only did it help develop musical skills the young people already had. it also improved their confidence, Communication skills, self worth and trust in good educational provision. I would recommend the course to anyone that has a skill or just general interest in music. It’s a course you are unlikely to forget and will be inspired by Dean who is passionate and talented in the musical field.”

Emma El-fairori – Young people’s substance misuse worker for youth offending service & DJ emmski radio Cardiff

“I met Dean through the Can Aderyn ladies choir and was totally impressed by his beatboxing ability. The first time my 11 year old son saw Dean perform, he immediately wanted to know where he could learn to do it as it was “awesome!”. Fortunately, Dean offers private and group tuition and my son is now having lessons. Dean’s passion and enthusiasm for his craft is infectious and his encouraging and friendly approach to his students is a breath of fresh air. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dean to any parent or youngster who is keen to learn beatboxing, or simply to try something a bit different as not only is it a new skill, it can be a confidence builder for some children and therefore invaluable to their personal development.”

Rebecca Jackson – Abergavenny

‘Dean visited my son’s primary school last year to teach the kids how to beatbox . My son, Will, struggles with some things academically and this was negatively affecting his confidence in his ability in the things he could actually do. Dean’s style of teaching and patience made such a positive impact on his confidence and this has had a knock -on effect other areas of his life, including his study. Will found out he could beat-box, which is a great skill in itself, but it reached further than that – it made him realise that he could achieve other things too.

Also, I’ve recently seen Dean DJ at a family party and to say that his incredible talent had the room mesmerised is an understatement. Just wow! We haven’t stopped talking about it since! ’

Mrs Nicki Price

Senior Administrative Officer

Cardiff University

I was very interested at the beginning of the project, to see how science, traditionally ‘less creative’ than the other subjects in the scheme would benefit from a more creative input. As the ability to recall knowledge, at KS4, is a very important skill in terms of exam preparation, I was interested in seeing if creativity at KS3 would help improve recall. I found that if the pupils were engaged in the task it defiantly has a positive impact on their recall ability father down the line. This was especially true for the rap they produced. Pupils can still recite the lyrics back to me now, 5 months later. This is definately an exercise I will continue with future KS3 classes.


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