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Hire BMX Freestyler Based in Bristol UK - BMX Freestyler for Events

BMX Freestyler Based in Bristol UK

BMX Freestyler Based in Bristol UK

Matti Hemmings, is a professional BMX flatland rider. Matt specialises in entertaineing for private and corporate events throughout the UK doing BMX school shows, BMX Events, Marketing for Brands, Providing demonstration’s to suit your event. He also organise the UK Flatland BMX Championships. Matti was involved with the Olympic torch relay tour, He was apart of the Lloyds TSB & Bank of scotland flame followers team performing on main stage and in the convy. Which travels across every region in the UK and included island visits, and sees the Olympic torch travel 8,000 miles (12,800 km). The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Locog) said the Olympic flame would come within a one-hour journey of 95% of people in the UK. What is BMX flatland It is the ultimate in bike control and by far the hardest discipline to master in BMX. It is similar to breakdancing, with the rider twisting and contorting the bike around their body whilst balancing, spinning or rolling. Flatland BMX shows requires no equipment other than a level floor. This versatility means that it is the ideal show to fit a small area, inside or out. Well suited to stages, dance floors, school events and shopping centres. Flatland BMX shows and demonstrations are fantastic spectacles at any time of the day or night. Timed performances can be subject to the client’s requirements and the timings of the overall event and activities taking place within it. By providing a series of performances it allows the audience multiple opportunities to experience the display whilst attending other attractions. Matt organise tours and work alongside Cycling projects and companys promoting cycling to Young people across the UK, performing Flatland BMX school shows. Which are an excellent way to inspire and motivate children on a number of levels. Providing them with the opportunity to see inspirational shows like these can help them develop their own goals and aspirations, and often provides them with the determination to achieve their own interest. The aims and goals of the shows don’t have to be cycling related either, these shows emphasise the importance of practice and determination for anything you are trying to achieve. It proves that if you try hard and put your effort into something you never know what you might accomplish. The shows provide children with something they can remember. With a unique format of visually appealing tricks combined with inspirational talking on cycling safety, bicycle maintenance, being active and the importance of practice. Matti's shows certainly grabs and holds the children's attention. Matti can make sure that the topics spoken about during the shows relate to the children’s interest and lessons. BMX demonstrations and shows can be tailored to your needs for any kind of event or marketing venture. He can market your brand through various mediums such as branded clothing, banners, stickers, flyers and handouts, posters, videos, websites, give aways, competitions, broadcasting, vocally endorsed and themed days or nights, all to meet your requirements. Matti can easily become an effective marketing tool for your company or brand. Clients worked for: Toyota,Locog, Disney, LloydsTSB, Bank of scotland, Animal Clothing, Drift Innovations, Infinityprobands and more

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