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Hire Burlesque performer for shows - London based

Lady Perez is an international "Waacking Showgirl" of Irish-Bengali descent. She is currently based in London, UK and is a graduate of Millennium Performing Arts. Lady Perez is trained across a wide variety of styles from jazz to hustle and specialises in waacking & burlesque.

She was first introduced to waacking in 2011 when she moved to London from her hometown of Cork, Ireland. She has since travelled repeatedly to New York City & Los Angeles to train with the pioneers and creators of the style. Perez performs & battles at events around the world, representing the London waacking scene, as well as having a number of grand prizes under her belt for walking the 'Sex Siren' category in the international ballroom scene. Her individual artistic style is based on the integration of tease, subtlety, class, playfulness, power & elegance. Lady Perez has been a member of London's leading burlesque troupe, The Folly Mixtures, since 2017. She has performed in venues such as the world-renowned Café de Paris as well as various theatre & cabaret venues across London & The UK.

Lady Perez is a self-confessed travel addict, constantly roaming the globe to maintain a fresh approach to her work and to gain a worldly perspective to her art.

Lady Perez is an advocate for growth & empowerment. She believes that the arts reflect the times. Her work is built on the foundation of self-actualization and she is a protagonist for matters regarding female empowerment and female sexuality.

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