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DJ Quincy - based in USA - hire USA dj's

There are only a very few artists who can exert any real influence on the dance scene in this day and age. Too many artists out there are putting out endless commercial house music. DJ Quincy Ortiz, however, has been making an impact for the past thirteen years. He may not have a secret recipe for success, but he is certainly one of those artists who succeed in defying his music style to the world .His tour diary ranges from the USA to Europe and back across the entire globe, taking in the world’s biggest clubs and festivals like Otakon Festival, Ghost Bar and Sonar Festival.

He also has held residency at the world famous Fur Night Club in Washington D.C, USA.

His international gig diary could not be more extensive, his seductive deep house and seductive house mix shows are packed with brand new tracks from other house artist and his own production. Each of his eight artist albums bears his inimitable signature, the authentic DJ Quincy Ortiz sound which develops through time without following trending sounds of today. His authenticity is respected by artists all over the world. DJ Quincy Ortiz always keeps his deep and soulful house roots with any of his tracks or mixes he makes.

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