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Hula Hoop Dancers Hire - London - Surrey - Kent Hula Hoop Performer UK

Starting her journey with all things spinning in 2009 with a beautiful set of handmade poi from her sister’s trip to Thailand, performance artist Debby Trubble soon moved onto fire poi and was instantly hooked on the dazzling lights of circus fun!

Since picking up her first hoop 5 years ago, she has never looked back. Turning her talents to teaching in 2014, inspired by her own kids’ natural learning abilities, she has invented exciting, confidence building Children’s Workshops and Parties and popular Adult Hoop Dance Classes.

The last two of Debby’s summer seasons have seen her perform, and teach workshops at festivals such as Chilled in a Field, Fieldview, Boondocks, Illusive, Alchemy and more.

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