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The last 6 years Boy and Laura performed individually mostly solo shows for galas and special projects. In 2011 the world championship brought them together. Winning both gold medals was a great starting signal for a common professional artist career. It is a perfect match, combining their backgrounds in german wheel, cyr wheel, aerial arts and acrobatics to create spectacular show acts.

Within the last year the duo performed for gala-shows, theater productions, varieté shows, corporate and private events, festivals and TV shows. Besides performing and competing internationally, they give (private) lessons and workshops, coach in sport clubs and choreograph acts.

Boy Looijen

Boy grew up in the vicinity of Amsterdam (Netherlands), where he started gymnastics in the sports club LH Krommenie at the age of 9. One year later he got in touch with the german wheel for the first time, at this moment he knew that this is the sport he wants to learn. Already after a few years Boy trained and competed internationally. 2007 he won his first world championships medal in the discipline spiral. After this great success he got in contact with Corpus Acrobatics Theater in Amsterdam. With them he expanded his acrobatics skills and learned to make a show from his competition exercises. He still travels around the world with them to perform on high level theater shows. 2011 Boy competed for the third time at the world

championships and won his first gold medal in the discipline straightline. Not only as competitor and performer but also as a trainer is Boy successful. Since 2008 he is one of the main coaches for german wheel in the Netherlands. In fall 2011 Boy took part of the TV show “Hollands got Talent” and became 2nd. Sony Music Entertainment contracted him after this show. This success generated a lot of business and Boy started his own acrobatic company “Wheel-Sensation” to perform with his partner Laura.

Laura Stullich

Laura grew up in Marburg (Germany), where she leaned the german wheel as a competitive sport in the sport club TSV Marburg Ockershausen. At the age of 10, Laura had her first experience with german wheel. In the first years of her career she already took part in national and international competitions. After only 4 years in this sport she was among the best in the world and got vice-worldchampion. Two years later the competitors had no chance any more, Laura won 4 gold medals at the world championship in 2005. After graduating from high school she decided to perform and coach professionally in the USA

. Laura developed solo and duo acts in the german wheel and performed for events and festivals. In addition, it makes Laura joy to share her knowledge. For many years she trains young athletes natial and internationally. In 2011 Laura continues her successful sport career by winning 3 gold and 1 silver medal at the world championship in Germany. Since 2012, after finishing her academic bachelor in science ‘Tourism Management’, Laura moved to Amsterdam to continue her artistic career. Laura and her partner Boy founded their own acrobatic company “Wheel Sensation“ to perform togehter.

Acrobatic Wheel Sensation'. As a world champion-duo we are performing on national and international stages and presenting breathtaking acts in the German Wheel and Cyr Wheel

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