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Andrea is a young, self-taught artist who specializes in urban acrobatics, dancing, capoeira, film making, and acting. His style is original, blending capoeira with light, smooth acrobatics, and is known worldwide. He has performed in France, Canada, England, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, and India. In 2008, Andrea toured Europe with the Nexus Europea Corporation, doing high impact shows which included extreme acrobatics, martial arts, dancing, and acting.

He continues to perform in many well known festivals such as the Aristi in Piazza, Italy, and the Glastonbury festival in the UK. He also works for several brands such as Smirnoff in Manchester, England and Cisco Systems in Barcelona, Spain. From 2007 to 2011, he remains a member of the Par Alleles company, performing in theaters and festivals throughout Paris and the rest of France. In 2010, Andrea choreographed and performed his own 20 minute high impact show for the TechFest Festival in Mumbai, India before 10,000 people. The same year, he was a finalist for the TV show \"Dance St.,\" an urban dance competition which ran for three months, and performed in the music clip \"Over You,\" by Alban Clavero feat Gage.

Later, he participates in a workshop with the famous Irina Brook, and participated in her \"Peter Pan\" production. In 2011, he performed in the Parque Central Stadium of Montevideo for the soccer team "Nacional". In 2012, he dances with the international famous singer Anggun for the Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, broadcasted over 43 countries. He also participates to the TV show France's Got Talent with great success. In january 2013, he performs for th Fifa Golden Ball in Zurich. He plays in many Music clips, and obtains his first role in an english film production as an actor, a dancer and an acrobat: The Wine Dancers. He finally performs and directs a short film for the Camera brand LEICA, on the Paris Photography Fair 2013

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