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Hire Golden Bodies Trio Acrobatics - Based in Hungary (Budapest) | Red Panda Agency Entertainment


The Golden Bodies Trio was founded in 2004 They are experienced artists, based in Budapest-Hungary and perform worldwide with three different numbers: 1. The Rock - 8 minutes long 2. Gladiator - 6 minutes long 3. The Mummy - 6 minutes long

The shows are beautifully coreographed golden statue acts which combine static powerlifting, handstanding acrobatics, mindblowing tricks, strength and flexibility, all in a perfect balance and harmony.

It's a glittering mix of stong masculin power and graceful feminine charm. The three shows are similar in nature but yet they each create a different magical world for the audience. The golden statues as if by magic come to life for the sounds of the music. Beautiful top class shows which take any event to a higher dimension.

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