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Hire The Berry White Tribute Experience - Based in Germany | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

The show "EC BARRY WHITE EXPERIENCE" is dedicated to this unique musician, songwriter and producer and hosts up to 35 first-class professional musicians on stage in three possible formations. In the style of one of the hits by the "Maestro", the ensemble performs his most popular songs according to the motto "Let The Music Play". Part of the repertoire are among others "What Am I Gonna Do", "Never Gonna Give You Up" and "The First, The Last, My Everything". Modeled after the original shows by Barry White and his "Love Unlimited Orchestra", a brilliant stage performance has been created that is absolutely peerless: "The Voice Of " Eric Conley not only shines in a golden sequined suit, but also impresses with his voice and expression in front of the stirring sound setting of his top-class orchestra - there is no need to close your eyes to be taken back to the disco era of the 70s; the time during which "Mister Love" Barry White was writing music history and experienced the climax of his 30-year stage career. The front man Eric Conley represents a truly extraordinary artist - a man with the special something in his voice and the groove in his blood. The timbre of his velvety-sonorous organ, which is unmistakably close to the great idol, allows him to sing himself not only under the skin but also directly into the hearts of his audience. Backed by up to 12 dancers, this show highlight is sure to be a feast for your senses. Experience entertainment of a special kind when Eric Conley and his orchestra are taking care of their responsibilities full of passion and admiration for the icon of an entire generation - paying a worthy tribute to a great musician.

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