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Sandrine has learnt Belly Dance in London, through private tuition with Sevda Turkish Dancer, amongst others... And thanks to studying videos of Hilary Thacker, Persia, Veena and Neena's, amongst other teachers... She constantly studies techniques from international masters of the art.

Even before starting with Raqs Sharqi, she had grown accustomed to performing on stage from age 16. Acting, Singing, Caribbean and Latin dance forms-in the West-Indies, and in the UK.

She took Ballet, Belly dance, Samba and Jazz in London.

She is now performing and teaching this sensuous and expressive dance in various venues, on a regular basis.

As a belly dancer, She can perform Egyptian and Turkish Cabarets, Classic Egyptian, and Samba or Flamenco Fusion styles..... She also uses the arts of veils and fan veils very well, as well as the Saidi Sticks; and can play the zills. Skara is very good at improvisations/ Live music, and with Drum Solos.

She performs a spectacular Sword or Prop Balance show, including Fire Candle tray.

She enjoys creating Fusions of Arabic and Latin dance (including Samba), working with Classical music; benefitting from her rich cultural background.

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