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Book Street Theatre - based in Newcastle Upon Tyne UK | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

On Board Arts specialise in creating fluid interventionist theatre for the street. They are driven by a passion for creating art that is both inclusive and engaging, using narratives to allow their cast of characters to offer an audience alternative perspectives on the familiarity of the world around them.



Meet the Raiju, supernatural embodiments of lightening who have unwittingly found themselves in the service of a hapless dog trainer tragically bereft of talent (as well as of any idea his new performing dogs aren't really dogs at all!) Never one to miss an opportunity, the Raiju make the most of their situation to explore the new and intriguing world they find themselves in. Will they eventually follow their new master's commands or will he end up following theirs? Fun, immersive street theatre suitable for international audiences of all ages. Presented by a cast of two or three experienced performers, the show consists of a dog trainer and either one or two stilt-based Raiju foxes, depending on your requirements. The elaborate costumes and masks are hand crafted in-house by our expert artistic team and based on the ancient Japanese folk character Raiju. This unique small-scale walkabout performance incorporates a narrative which has been developed with flexibility and improvisation in mind, allowing performers to react and engage confidently in any situation. The 20-45 minute performance is dynamic, interactive and comic; making the surrounding environment and audience an integral part of the story.

Raijin Storm

Monsters beware! Raijin is chasing away dark forces with the power of his voice and the beat of his drums. The Japanese God of thunder has split himself into a troupe of armoured spirits, channeling thundering rhythms to entrance and delight audiences of all ages. Inquisitive and excitable, follow these playful characters as they explore the urban landscape. Performed by a cast of five artists the show, costumes and masks are inspired by the ancient Japanese folk character Raijin. Fully mobile and easily tailored to fit the available space, this unique small-scale walkabout performance incorporates live original music and movement influenced by the Japanese cultural tradition of Taiko. The 30-40 minute performance is dynamic, interactive and sometimes comic, incorporating the surrounding environment and audience into the story. Participatory workshops in drumming and mask making are available. Suitable for all ages they can be delivered both in series and one offs or rolling drop ins. Please speak to one of the team about your requirements.

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