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Hire Acrobatic Basketball Entertainment Freestylers - Available Worldwide | Red Panda Agency Enterta

The Dunking Devils acrobatic basketball team and other accompanying artist raging from show dancers to cheerleaders and professional mascots. They also provide sponsor promotions and crowd animation as well entertainment show preparation and production for whole events. They work at different kinds of settings ranging from Allstar, Final4 and other basketball games in front of 15,000 people to business events and TV shows worldwide. They have in the past 3 years organized and performed more than 600 shows on 4 continents in 15 different countries. Here are some of our references: On court entertainment management at all Eurobasket 2013 games 80 performances during Eurobasket 2013 Slovenia's got Talent Finals Turkish, Croatian, German, Slovenian, Greek and other Allstar games Shows at the Spanish Copa del Rey and Super Copa in Madrid and Gran Canaria 300 shows in Gardaland amusement park – Italy, 50 shows in Ancol amusement park - Jakarta TV show and commercial shoots in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Ljubljana, Bangkok Full on court entertainment management and show production for all Union Olimpa's Euroleague games 2010/11

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