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The Mentalist Magician

Szabolcs Molnár is one of the youngest, but also one of the most unique hungarian performers of magic and mentalism. He creates his amazing shows with the use of mind reading techniques, hipnotism, suggestion and devilish sleight of hand.

Szabolcs is inspired by superheroes and mystical characters ever since he was a little boy, that’s why he started to do magic when he was a teenager. His ambition was to demonstrate superhero like abilities and later on show to other people: there is a superhero in all of us, we just need to discover it and we are only limited to do this by our imagination. Because of this motto there are no props in Szabolcs’s shows. Incredible things happen on the stage, but there is no rabbit from the hat, no secret boxes or cards. It’s all about the spectators and their thoughts and abilities.

He can perform fluently both in english and hungarian.

Thanks to his very unique style of performance he made his way to several corporate and private events in his country. He appeared multiple times in TV and radio shows, including a national talent show called Csillag Születik (Hungary’s Got Talent) where he was one of the best 24 competitors and performed in front of 3 million television viewer. After all of this he was entertaining the guests of an international cruise ship company, Carnival.

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