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Hire Double Twist Dance Troupe - London UK | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

Double Twist Dance Troupe is a professional lyrical contemporary/ ballet based in East London, run and choreographed by Emma and Isabel Johnson. Both Emma and Isabel have trained in all styles of dance, which is why they are able to offer such a wide range in the Double Twist Dance Troupe, both of them have a strong passion for dance and performing, also they are motivated by inspiring new dancers to experience the true buzz that dance provide. As dancers they are unique, really are very different to the norm, that is available out there in the industry at the moment. They are not just about style, technique and choreography, all of which are important, Double Twist are also committed to developing the ability to tell a story through our bodies. The style of dance uses emotions and creates a connection with the audience, expressive movement is a strong ballet technique used with an element of contemporary dance and jazz.

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