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Hire Mentalist and Hypnotist - Jordan | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

Basem Bandak is a professional entertainer and Mentalist and Hypnotist who took part in MBC’s show Arab’s Got Talent, Season 2, and reached to the Semi-Finals stage.

Performing fluently in both English and Arabic Languages, expect to be laughing and scratching your head during his shows, which range from 15 minutes to 60 minutes.

His performances center around the theme of “mind control” and “mind reading”, where audiences have the chance to participate on stage, where their minds can be read, their lies

can be revealed, and even be hypnotized into forgetting simple things, or carrying out funny actions on stage...

Just a guy being hypnotized...

What did they think of the show?

"I am usually a skeptic with this particular genre of entertainment - but Basem truly blew my mind with his incredible show, and I was left as shocked as the audience at my Theatre!" - Yazan Ghazzawi - Manager - The Rainbow Art House Theatre - Jordan

“Basem is a great performer. Fullstop!!”- Dana Odallah - Arabtech Jardaneh

“This guy is really good! Great job Basem Bandak!!” - Rasha Barakat - HR & Administration Director - Zain Jordan

“Bravo! You are a true star” - Romouz Sadeq - HR manager - LG Jordan

“Every year when we start planning to our Adidas Jordan all-employee year end party, we think of something unique, different and entertaining, and we usually make things happen, for the 2012, the show of Basem Al-Bandak raised the bar of our people expectations, where he presented such a unique and Impressive show. If I would recommend to a friend of mine what best show he can present to entertain his people, it goes without saying “Basem Al-Bandak”. - Ramadan Ramadan -

Adidas HR Manager Levant

“When I watched some of Basem’s performances on Youtube, I was taken by his exciting and entertaining style, so I decided I would have him on my program “Kalam Nawaem”. I had the feeling he’s going to do some amazing stuff to the show hosts. True it was that he had us all amazed with his mind games that look like real mind reading. I love his style in presenting himself and his show, and I have the feeling that he’s going to make it big, in God’s will. “- Georges Malouly - Program editor and creator - MBC - Kalam Nawaem

Having Basem in our event (Google talks) as a main speaker and performer was really great! He added much delightful humor, with his mentalist style . He is truly an ideal speaker inventive, demanding, and talented performer. I count myself fortunate to call him a professional associate, and even luckier to call him a friend. - Aseel D. Badran - Google Ambassador

Some Media Appearances include:

  •  Thüringer Allgemeine (German Newspaper)

  •  TEDx (TEDxRasElEinSquare)

  •  Arabs Got Talent - MBC

  •  Kalam Nawaem TV program - MBC

  •  Roya’a TV

  •  Jordan TV

  •  ANBTV

  •  SPIN FM

  •  Fann FM

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