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Book Chinese New Year Workshops and Performances - UK | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

Chinese New Year falls on January 27 to February 2 next year, when we'll enter the Year if the Rooster.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, we're offering dance, music and circus workshops.

Each workshop will incorporate traditional Chinese dragon dance, kung-fu or acrobatics. During the dance workshops, our artists can help your pupils create an exciting dance performance, which, if you wish, can be showcased at the end of the school day for everyone to enjoy. We encourage schools to all the children to wear red to their dance session, as traditionally it's believed that the colour will ward off evil spirits and bring prosperity.


Lion dance - £350 (full day)

Kung-fu - £350 (full day)

Dragon Dance - £700 (full day) - Two artists

Ribbon fun dance £350 (full day)

Chinese acrobatic £350 (full day)

Umbrella - £350 (full day)

Long sleeves - £350 (full day)

Chinese Percussion - £350 (full day)

Chinese Zheng - £350 (full day)

Chinese Dulcimer - £350 (full day)

Chinese Lute - £350 (full day)

Chinese Storytelling - £350 (full day)

Paper Cutting - £350 (full day)

Origami - £350 (full day)

Beijing Opera - £350 (full day)

Chinese Tea Ceremony - £350 (full day)

Half day workshops - £250

Travel costs is not included

Please take a look at our website for more information:

Book Now - - 447851764628