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Alessandra Tortone - London - UK | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

Multi-skilled London mural artist who believes that fine art can be fun, creative and unique.

Do you still think about fine art as standard oil paint on canvas in a frame or tromple l’oil with a classic sea view? Alessandra believe fine art is much more than that, it can be applied to anything and everyone!

Welcome to her world where creativity doesn’t have any limits! A world where your vision becomes a reality in a completely unique way to you. Where you can use multiple artists skills to create what will truly make your heart sing – no need for any rules! From children murals to caricatures and custom canvases with your movie heros. From face painting to body painting and themed backdrops for parties. From unique window painting to black boards and sing writing on walls and ceiling!

– Murals for homes and businesses – Children Murals – Hand Painted Window Decorations – Black Boards and Artistic Menu Writing – Unique Party Sets (Backdrops and Decorations) – Face Painting for Children – Adult Face and Body Paintings – Professional Make-up

All services compliment each other and can be combined to provide a truly unique art or create an event that will be remembered for many years.

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