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Opera show for events - Ukraine | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

“Opera Show” by Arina Domski is a crossroad of different epoches and traditions. Based on the classical base, Arina creates fusion of time and mood by combining different epoches and musical styles.

“Opera Show” is the concert program which introduces pieces of art starting with Handel, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and ending by modern academic music. One of the main peculiarities of the show is original modern sounding.

Each song is a short theatrical story including dancers and musicians. Vivid, original stage images will capture the audience. The story on the stage is far from traditions and conformity.

Soprano with conservatoire education and original stage image.

Arina performs and composes music in several languages, her repertoire consists of the songs in Italian, English, French, Ukrainian, Russian, Czech and Chinese.

Her first single “Ti amero” came into rotation of British music channel CMTV and introduced Arina to European audience.

It opened great opportunities for touring outside Ukraine. Arina visited Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Russia, Hongkong and China.

In 2015 Arina became the main hero of the festival opening ceremony in the third biggest Chinese city of Guangzhou (after Beijing and Shanghai). The grandiose ceremony took place on “Haixinsha Arеna” which hosted Asian Games in 2010. And the ceremony was broadcast on the Chinese nation CCTV.

Arina’s music overcomes all the cultural borders and continues to attract fans from all over the world.

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