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Hire Last Minute Entertainment for Events and Parties | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

Last minute entertainment solutions

If you're looking for entertainment for an event, then you've come to the right place! We are expert in provide last minute entertainment solutions for corporate events, weddings, kids parties and private party.

We've provided performers for a huge variety of events, including business functions, weddings, parties, shows and many more. We are lucky to have a select group of experienced professionals, who will ensure your guests are entertained to a high standard.

We will put the fun into your FUNctions!

We've listed just some of the hundreds of acts we can provide for your event:

Aerial silk performers

African dancers

African drummers

Arabic dancers

Arabic percussionists

Basketball freestylers

Bollywood dancers

Brazilian percussionists


Capoeira artists - Brazilian martial art

Chinese dance artists

Circus artists


Cuban percussionists


Dhal percussionists

Face / body painters

Fashion models

Flamenco dancers

Football freestylers

Free running / parkour artists

Frevo - Brazilian dancers

Graffiti artists

Hip-hop dancers

Hula-hoop artists

Human beatboxers




Salsa dancers

Samba dancers


Steel pan percussionists


Street dancers

Tango dancers

Zumba dancers



Kids entertainers

If this information is of interest, please feel free to browse the artist’s page here, or visit our event website, where you may read a synopsis on our performers.

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