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Rebaz Mohammed football freestyler

Rebaz grew up playing football in his country, Kurdistan until the age of 16 when he decided to move to the UK for a better life and mainly to become a Professional Footballer.

He joined a semi-pro Football team in his hometown called (Bustleholme fc) and played with them for 2 years before he found his new passion which is Freestyle Football at the age of 18.

After a year of playing at a high level of football and doing Freestyle at the same time he decided to choose FREESTYLE because of losing his passion for actual football and enjoy having his own ” Rule, Style, Place and time of training” and the fact that there were no Kurdish freestylers on the scene to represent the country in WORLD FREESTYLE CHAMPIONSHIPS.

Now he is the first ever Kurdish freestyle to perform a ” Three Revolutions Trick” or Triple Around The World and his main aim is to push himself as much as possible to REPRESENT HIS COUNTRY KURDISTAN and inspire the next Kurdish generation to take up the beautiful sport of Freestyle Football to grow a community of our own.

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