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Hire a Burlesque Performer - Manchester - UK | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

Award winning international burlesque performer

"A legend in the shaking"

Ginger is an award winning, international performer and has traveled the world performing her unique and diverse burlesque acts.

Ginger is a Manchester burlesque dancer and co-founded North West Burlesque in 2010, a company which provides entertainment and burlesque hen party teachers across the North West.

"The joyous thing about Ginger La Rouge is that you genuinely don't know what you're going to get: from the classically elegant to the sublimely ridiculous and everything in between, all fantastic and entertaining as heck." - Cabaret Roulette

"She's the title sequence of a Bond movie happening right in front of your eyes" - Review of Burlesque! At the Lowry

"A simply marvellous thing to witness" - The Skinny


The Champagne Glass


The Fan Dance

Flapper girl

The Magician

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