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Sear Garnier - France

Sear Garnier - France

Séan became the 18th November 2008, the best freestyle footballer in the world. As soon as he was 6 years old, his father sent him the virus of the round balloon. He quickly plays in clubs in his area and very quickly, for him, appears obvious: he will be a professional footballer.

In 1998, the dream became reality, he joined his first training center in a professional structure: Auxerre. Then spotted by Troyes, he joined the club of the Aube where he will play in CFA. But 2004 is the black year for Séan. Following a succession of wounds, he must abandon his ambitions and dreams as a child. Failing to be discouraged, he decided in 2005 to invest in the success of others and began studying sports educator in the Paris region. He then discovers another football practice initiated by the young people of the neighborhoods: freestyle football, a discipline that combines football, break dance and dance moves, all with a ball.

In 2006, Séan decides to abandon everything and to immerse himself in this urban art and begins to work his own style and tricks. He realizes many videos that he later decides to broadcast on the internet. At the same time, he invests the four corners of the capital to make his demos and share his passion with the man of the street.

In 2008, Séan wins the first Red Bull street style world championship (see prize list) and at the same time becomes the first RED BULL athlete in freestyle football.

Soon, Séan combined other arts with his new discipline: music, a rather broad street look, hiphop dance, all staged in a real show.

Sean is pledged by top brands, as well as by Freestyle football fans worldwide (see reference). Sean has established himself as a sure bet for the discipline by winning or finishing among the finalists of the majority of the world events (see list).

Today Sean is not only a recognized freestyler but also French champion and winner of the French Futsal Cup with KB united and one of the best street football players in the world by having made the gestures of the last Fifa street!

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