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Mireia DJ

Mireia DJ

Mireia DJ

Mireia DG is a consolidated DJ dins of the musical mercat of les nostres terres. Dj per excel·lència i a great musical producer who has been working in the music industry in Catalonia, thought in Mireia with an emergent diamond.

Nick & Dani Chatelain vs. Rodri Deniz, the seva musical career s'ha disparat d'una. The song "NO MORE GAMES" will be released for the prestigious national ensemble CLIPPER'S SOUNDS, remixat "LAS CANTERAS" Exponential way.

The young Mireia is going to become the Dj més jove de Catalunya. She remembers that the first time that will go to a nightclub is punxar. Your style will evolve throughout the chameleon, and you will not sweep the people who are in the cabin.

Some of the artistes have quoted from: Albert Neve, DJ Luxury, BJones, Agatha Pher, Jus Deelax, DJ Da Candy Dani Masi, Dominique Costa, Lexlay, Alberto Feria, Space Elephants, Eyes of Providence, Marsal Ventura, Sergi Domene , Aitor Galan, Blanca Ross.

Among them, you can find the following: Ibiza (IBZ), Bora Bora Ibiza (IBZ), Carpes Bora Bora (BCN), Macarena Club (BCN), Hola Salou Nightlife (TGN), Disco Mediterrània Metro (TGN), Karibú (TGN), Blau (TGN) ...

Contador Guinadora Lovin 'Ibiza DJ Contest 2016.

Ha col·laborat to the program "Deep in Da House" of the Catalan radio "Digital Hits".

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