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Brazilian Traditional Rhythms - Sweden (Stockholm) | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

Brazilian Traditional Rhythms is a duo that brings a modern approach to the traditional music genres from Brazil like Samba, Jazz, Bossa-Nova and Choro just to mention a few.

The duo plays in original instruments hand built in Brazil like the 7 strings guitar and several different kind of percussion maintaining at the same time a strong connection to other influences like Jazz and Classical Music.

Neto Oliveira is a drummer who has jazz in his blood. He has an extensive experience in Brazilian music and the record label Galeão Records is releasing his first solo album "Boarding Pass" recorded in São Paulo with a jazz nonet.

A musician like Vitor Celestino is hard to find. Even with his solid background as a Brazilian folk musician he is about to get a degree in classical music from the prestigious Royal College of Music in June 2015.

For the concert the duo invites the singer and great friend Moema Terra to interpret some of the beautiful classics that made the music from Brazil known worldwide. Brazilian Traditional Rhythms

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