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Cub Act - Germany | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

Cub Act exists for most modern, morrow & innovative entertainment combined with your company philosophy & technical progress. Clients/companies can gain great advantages by combining their presentations with state of the art effects.

■ "AERIAL CUBE & SILK SHOW" (aerial performance) Floating in an oversize cube in the air and playful with light and shadow, Jens Jensen is performing that high-end performance. ■ "LIGHTING CUBE SHOW" (ground performance) The original! "The Lighting Cube Show" presents a new era of acts on the basis of different parts - music & light effects, moving silouettes, projection and modern juggling art - in combination! ■ "PYRA - LASER PYRAMID SHOW" (ground performance) Head-high pyramid melding with laser highlights and acrobatically power action combined in a modern show offers new possibilities for productrelated representations for events, shows & TV!

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