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Hire a Famous Painter for Corporate Events - Available Worldwide | Red Panda Agency Entertainment

We know perfectly well that corporate events aim, first of all, at unity among staff members and consolidation of the team spirit. That is why in the exclusive performance of MaDenart not only the logo, name or company slogan can be represented, but also the direction, priorities, tastes, history of creation, the most outstanding achievements, plans... Undoubtedly, this will inspired honor and raise the team’s spirit! Perhaps the company's employees, desirous of expressing gratitude and respect for their leader, puzzled about the question "What to present?" And "How to surprise?". We do know that the bright and colorful show of MaDenart team will be the highlight of the event, and original portrait of the chief will be sincere and unforgettable gift!

In order to fully represent the idea and direction of the event, we need the following information:

Description of the company’s activities and priorities

Who will attend the event and what the idea (message) should be delivered to the audience

Description of the event conception and what it is dedicated to

Link to company’s website

Logo in high resolution

Other client’s requirements and wishes

For the designing the performance where portrait will be a final result we need:

High quality pictures for the last years

To determine what images bill be painted before the portrait appears we need a description of the person: his passion, hobby, likes, outlook, dreams, important dates, what makes him (her) different from other people and what will be recognizable for guests.

Description of the event’s conception and for what it is dedicated to

Other client’s requirements and wishes

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