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Steamhorse presents trick riding fantasy and historically accurate horse displays, including jousting, horseback archery, circus, wild west shows and much much more. They can supply two to six horses, and any number of qualified performers including trick riders, jousters, side saddle riders, sword fighters, stilt walkers, jugglers and fire performers.

Steamhorse can provide anything from a mounted lord and lady to greet guests, a ghostly highwayman for your Halloween wedding, to a full blown mounted fire show for your epic party! If you have no room for horses don't despair! They can still provide your event with awe inspiring entertainment from armoured knights to pirates, fire eaters, jugglers and clowns.

They perform at country fairs and venues all around the country, and work for clients such as National Trust and English Heritage, as well as private organisers and councils. Choose from our standard shows or tell us what your theme is and we will tailor to your requirements! CIRCUS! All new for 2017 - unique open air circus... Choose from a classic Victorian circus show with acrobats, trapeze, stilt walkers, clowns, liberty horses, side shows, Punch and Judy, fortune tellers, snake oil salesmen and much much more, or our Wild West Show, with trick riding, shooting, knife throwing and saloon girls! Both of these shows can be two half hour displays, or our Victorian circus can be a whole day's entertainment on its own. They are both full of comedy, skill and audience participation. This show is suited to small arenas or a separate area of the showground (approx 20m x 20m upwards) JOUST! Whether you want a classic two or four horse joust with Goodies, Baddies, thrills, spills and plenty of action, or a themed fantasy show with witches, wizards, the Green Man, fairies, elves, magic and unicorns. These fantasy shows can be set around King Arthur, Robin Hood, Christmas or Hallowe'en. Or if you have a themed show or event we can tailor the show to fit! This show is suited to arenas 60m x 20m upwards.

WILD WEST! Similar to our Wild West circus show but choreographed for a bigger arena, this show features trick riding, cowboys and indians, roping, shooting, kidnapping and rescue and much more. As with all our shows, there is plenty of comedy and audience interaction. This show is suited to arenas 60m x 20m upwards.

Historical Events

They can accurately portray any period of History from pre-Roman through to WW1, for displays or simply to greet your guests. The displays are suited to arenas 20m x 60m upwards and the meet and greet can be anywhere as long as we have a wall or fence behind the horses. Requirements for displays: One or two radio mikes depending on show, PA system with laptop connection Arena side parking with safe access for horses Double barrier with a minimum of 2m between Water point close by Hay to be provided if more than one day show At least 20m x 20m area for turn-out if more than one day show

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